Thursday, October 21, 2010

Through Hell And Back

Hey I just realized how long it's been since I updated last and I think it's about time :)

I really don't have much that I wanna share publicly so instead, I'm gonna post my favorite things I've found in StumbleUpon. Enjoy :)

1.- Very close-up photographs of the human eye:

 2.- A very creative video about pixels and retro gaming:

3.-  Hahahaha going down in style.. That's the way to do it..

4.-  Xbox Etiquette, the right way to game:

5.-  REALLY funny Captcha comics:

6.-  Japanese men walking in fake slow motion:

7.- How to figure out combination lock numbers:

8.- Generate random facts:

9.- Need to save your seat in public?

10.- The quote database:


That's all for now :) I hope you found something here that you have never seen before. Let me know what you think!